3 Reasons Legoland California Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

June 19, 2017Holly Sosa

This post is sponsored by Legoland California. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you to Legoland California for partnering with me and thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family.

My family’s summer bucket list isn’t complete until we’ve had our annual trip to Legoland California. We’ve gone every single year for four years now and we leave with the most memorable experiences every single time. Lines are minimal, staff is friendly, and there are things for everyone to participate in. Delicious food, affordable prices, and tons to explore are just a few of the reasons Legoland California should be on your summer bucket list, but in case that’s not enough, here are three more reasons to entice to you one of my family’s favorite summer places.

Everyone can participate

One of my most favorite parts about our Legoland visits is that there is quite literally something for everyone in the family. During my family’s first visit, my youngest was just two and she even was able to participate on a couple rides, explore the park, and tons more. I’m such a sap because I totally cried when I realized just how inclusive of everyone the park is. There were faster paced rides for my older boys, but I was appreciative of there being things available for all of us to do as a family.

Granny’s apple fries

Granny’s apple fries are so delicious, I’d pay park admission just to enjoy this signature snack. The apples are cut into classic french fry shapes and coated in a cinnamon sugar outside. They’re served with a dollop of cream and they’re amazingly delicious!

Three parks to explore

Legoland, the Sea Life Aquarium, and the Legoland Water Park are all in one central location and could easily stretch into a two or three day visit. Each park has a variety of features, rides, and activities for kiddos and adults alike (don’t lie, you sort of like playing with Legos too).

We will be heading to Legoland later this summer and I can’t wait to share our experience with you all again (2014, 2016). All of our kiddos are a bit older this year and will be able to remember our summer traditions that the park has fostered with us over the years.

Be sure to visit the Legoland California page on Facebook for all the latest updates. To buy park tickets, visit the Legoland California website.


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