6 Creative Ways for Busy Parents to Connect With Our Kids

February 12, 2019Holly Sosa

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We all feel that parent guilt. You know the kind I’m talking about. Do I spend enough time with my kids, are we getting quality moments, so on and on and on. I’m a work from home wife and mother, hockey mom extraordinaire, taxi driver, chef, housekeeper, play attending, practice taking, peace making…well, you get the picture right? Busy. I’ve tried to ensure that I carve out purposeful time with my kiddos through little things like the sacred Donut Friday, and reading together. I’ve also taking big steps like becoming a sports mom. Inspired by the new Post Hostess™ Cereals (one of my kiddos favorite treats in cereal form!), I’m sharing six of the most creative ways for busy parents (like me!) to connect with our kids.

Donut Fridays

Donut Fridays is a weekly tradition my kiddos and I have. They know without a doubt that on Friday mornings, we will stop at our local gas station and they’ll get to pick out their favorite Donettes® or a Honey Bun. Since winter has come, we’ve been switching it up a little with hot chocolate dates. Whatever we do, we make it the one time every week that the kids know we will have a little extra treat. They look forward to it all week and it’s always a special time we get to have together at the end of our week. It’s like our way of kicking off the weekend with a tasty bang!

Favorite Things Breakfast

My kids nearly lost their ever loving minds when they saw the NEW! Post Hostess™ Honey Bun and Donettes™ cereals at our local Walmart. Their favorite breakfast pastries now in miniature form in their cereal bowls have become a regular request. The great part about this breakfast is that it requires no extra work from me! It’s cereal. Bowl, spoon, milk, done and done! They feel special and I saved time.

Read Together

Recently, we started reading after dinner as a family. While we’ve always read to our children at bedtime, we’ve starting trying to take control of what we call, “the witching hour,” which is the time after dinner, but before bed when my kids seem to be the most wound up. Instead, after dinner, we clean up together, turn on some classical music, gather in the living room, and we each read our own books. My youngest can’t quite read yet, so sometimes she plays with her toys or pretend reads a book. It’s become one of our favorite times of the day.

Dinnertime Ritual

Dinnertime is a ritual in our home and it’s something we treasure. I’m always surprised to hear just how many families don’t eat at the dinner table and while I understand why (I’m a hockey mom, friends…we’re almost never home at the same time each night), it’s something I’m passionate about. Eating together creates a dependable routine and a time of day my children will always know they’ll have my undivided attention. It’s where we as a family can come together and connect

Take Interest in Their Hobbies

My son is a hockey fanatic. He eats, sleeps, breathes, and lives his favorite sport. When we moved here to Northern Michigan, I signed him up for a team and he’s been playing ever since. Yes, hockey adds a little more to our already busy schedule, but it’s worth every moment. Then my daughter asked to sign up for figure skating. So now, the ice arena is like second home for our family, but we love it because it’s a place we can be together. It also communicates to them that their interests have value in our family and that they’re supported by us.

Monthly Bucket Lists

This year, I’ve started creating monthly bucket lists of things for us to do as a family. Typically, the lists are filled with seasonal things to do together and I try to make the items simple life joys like catch a snowflake on our tongues, or go sledding. I’ve found that creating these bucket lists gets everyone excited about time together, joyfully pulls my kids away from their screens, and forces me to stay accountable with spending extra time with them.

What I’ve discovered as a mom is that connecting with my kids is a simple as making them feel special and loved. Their favorite cereal, small acts of kindness from me to them, and making the effort to carve out time with them goes a long way in keeping us connected as a family.

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