Ariat Boots on my Homestead

August 8, 2019Holly Sosa
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This post is not sponsored, but I was gifted Ariat boots for myself and my family. 

Since moving from the Southern California High Desert to Northern Michigan, I’ve tried my best to embrace all that this part of the country has to offer. In my heart of hearts, I’ve always wanted to end up back in the great wide Northern, where I was born. And once I came into who I was as a person (young adult years were questionable) I knew I wanted to start a self sufficient homestead where my family and I could live off the grid, raise our own meat, and grow our own food. Financially planning for that has put us about four or so years away from purchasing the land (we’d love between 80-100 acres) and building a house, barn, and all that goes into homesteading, but that hasn’t stopped me from learning along the way.

We have friends who have a large property and an old barn on it. They have horses, goats, sheep, and they hunt deer and turkey off the land. They’ve allowed us to house or chickens on their property where they can safely free range all the bugs they want throughout the live long day. We raised the chickens as chicks and have learned all about how to keep them happy, what the eat, what to supplement if necessary, and more.

One thing we learned quickly was that our big box store boots weren’t going to cut it. Not even a little bit. When the spring thaw hits, that soft ground turns to mud, the muck is thick, and boots take a beating. As a plus sized girl with wide calves, finding quality boots was a struggle until I found Ariat boots at my local Tractor Supply. I had a Cinderella moment right in the middle of the store, surrounded by farmers and ranchers alike. No joke. I documented said Cinderella moment.

Since then, Ariat has been my work boot of choice and not just because they fit, but because they stand up to whatever the farm throws at them. Chickens, horses, goats, sheep, muck, processing meat, and more.

My Ariats go everywhere with me now. We’re like peas and carrots. These Unbridled Roper Western Boots aren’t wide calf, they’re regular size and they fit my wide calves without issue.

I choose them for myself, my kids, and my husband swears by them.

Having our friend’s farm and animals to learn from has helped us to prepare in a hands on way that we’d never had the opportunity to without them. We’ve helped our friends shovel muck out of stalls (a nicer way of saying animal shit), chop wood, and shared many a beer or two after the work was done. Thanks to Ariat, we can focus on the tasks at hand knowing our feet are protected and our boots will stand up to whatever the land and animals throw at us. 

Keep with with my Ariat adventures and homesteading over on my Instagram @hollymariesosa, where I post daily updates on our garden, chickens, and more.

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