Beauty Test: Peel Off Charcoal Mask

September 5, 2017Holly Sosa
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Insanely shocking peel off charcoal masks are a huge trend in the beauty world. They promise ultra clean pores and exfoliated skin, but I’ve seen countless Facebook posts from friends who painfully rip the black mud from their faces. I love a good face mask, but is this one worth the pain? I decided to try for myself to find out.

I ordered my charcoal mask from this website, which seemed legit? I’m not quite sure where to find (or even if you can locate) the particular brand that started the trend, but this version promised all the same peely satisfaction, so I bit the bullet and ordered.

The mask arrived about a week later and when I opened it, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It wasn’t stinky, but it wasn’t pleasant either. Almost spicy? It’s hard to describe, but it made me concerned enough to wonder if I could leave it on my face long enough for it to set with it being as off putting as it was.

The mask went on very gooey and thick.

It felt cool on my face and no worse or better than any other peel off mask I’ve ever used.

Following the instructions, I left the mask on for twenty to thirty minutes before trying to peel it off.

It was about as painful as the viral Facebook videos make it seem. It clung to all my little baby hairs on my face and I was hoping that they’d pull out with the mask, but they didn’t. The mask has all the pain of waxing without any of the benefit. While the peeling was weirdly satisfying, my face didn’t feel or look any cleaner than before. My pores still seemed like they were full of grime and dirt, which was disappointing.

Several pieces of the mask stayed behind on my skin despite my cleaning my face before applying the black layer, but it washed off easily with water and a wash cloth.

I was hoping that I’d at least see some gunk from my pores left behind in the pieces of the mask I pulled from my face, but nothing.

I was hopeful for this product because I do struggle with baby facial hairs on my upper lip and chin. I was hoping it would work as not only a pore cleaner, but also to help remove the facial hairs at the same time, No luck with either. I’m not sure if I just ordered a bad version of the mask or what, but I will likely never buy a charcoal mask again. My verdict: pass on this and buy a soothing facial mask or sugar wax kit instead.

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