• Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats

    October 16, 2014Holly Sosa

    Gasp! Another candy corn recipe?! Listen guys, I could not pass up the candy corn flavored marshmallows I spotted while doing my grocery shopping on Friday. They were practically screaming to be made into candy corn Rice Krispies treats. I already had some orange, white, & yellow colored sprinkles & white chocolate at home that…

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  • Candy Corn Punch

    October 14, 2014Holly Sosa

    Candy corn & I, we have a relationship. It’s probably my most anticipated Fall treat. Yes, even more anticipated than the PSL (pumpkin spice latte). I love it that much. Naturally, this means come October, I immerse myself in recipes that feature my favorite candy. Today, I’m sharing this fun candy corn punch recipe. While…

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  • Bewitched Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    October 13, 2014Holly Sosa

    The older I get, milestones, big & small, seem to be fewer & farther in between. Luckily, my kids have plenty of milestones to celebrate. From Evelyn’s first steps to Collin’s first time tying a shoe all by himself, with five children in our family, there is never a shortage of mini milestones to celebrate.…

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  • 18 Creative Candy Corn Recipes

    October 12, 2014Holly Sosa

    One of my favorite Halloween treats is a big bowl of candy corn. I anticipate the little bags of orange & yellow goodness arriving on my shelves in the same way other people anticipate the arrival of the pumpkin spice latte. As an ode to my most loved Halloween snack, I rounded up 18 creatively…

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  • Bloody Shirley Temples

    October 9, 2014Holly Sosa

    Today, I’m bringing you a bloody, gory, terrifying refreshment that is certain to spook your guests at any Halloween party or even your kids during a spooky family movie night. These Bloody Shirley Temples offer a frightening twist by keeping the grenadine inside a ,”blood-filled,” syringe. Guest can squirt their blood into their non-alcoholic cocktail…

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  • Easy Halloween Popcorn Balls

    October 2, 2014Holly Sosa

    It’s officially October! And although I’ve been sneaking little signs of Halloween into my home for several weeks now, I’m taking these first few days of the month as a green flag to immerse myself in all things Halloween. Look out people, I’m raising the freak flag, slipping on my Halloween socks, & getting spooky…

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