Cereal Valentine Gifts for the Classroom

February 3, 2016Holly Sosa

cereal valentine gifts5

My two little Kindergartners are so pumped for Valentine’s Day. They both having giving hearts and enjoy making other people smile with small gifts or tokens of affection. I can’t even tell you how many weeds flowers that have been brought into the house, proudly in their grasp, instructing me to place it in water. So when they get the opportunity to show a little love to their friends and classmates, it’s all the more exciting.

Cold cereal is a favorite of ours at home and for Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share a little cereal love by creating these fun Cereal Valentine Gifts complete with festive red spoons attached with a piece of ribbon.


  • individual cereal boxes
  • plastic red spoons
  • festive ribbon

To start, we laid a cereal box on a flat surface, with the ribbon underneath.

cereal valentine gifts2

Next, we placed the spoon on top.

cereal valentine gifts1

And then tied the ribbon over it in a double knot.

cereal valentine gifts3

And it was just that simple, friends. Originally, we thought it would be fun to use letter beads and hot glue them on with each friend’s name, but school safety is top priority, so we left them blank and they’re still just as darling as ever!

cereal valentine gifts4

cereal valentine gifts7

cereal valentine gifts6

The kids are going to love these fun non-candy Valentine gifts and I’m thrilled to have shared the experience making these with my two little dudes. For me, getting the kids hands on with crafts like this is such an essential part in them taking pride in their gifts and seeing the results of their work.

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