DIY Matchbox Car Photo Frame

July 6, 2016Holly Sosa

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diy matchbox cars photo frame idea003

My two little dudes practically worship Matchbox cars, but especially Collin. Whenever we are in a store, he asks if he can check out what they have in stock to see if he’s missing any in his collection. From a young age, he’s been interested in cars and anything with a motor, so we try to reflect a little of that personality in his bedroom. This fun DIY Matchbox Car Picture Frame was a neat project that used some of the older Matchbox cars in his collection. I could have easily purchased shiny new ones, but I love the look of cars that have been well played with and loved.


diy matchbox cars photo frame001

To begin, remove the glass and inserts from your frame so you just have the outer portion of the frame itself.

diy matchbox cars photo frame002

Line up your cars on the frame until you completely fill the frame and order the cars in a pattern you like. Some cars are longer or shorter than others, so this part is the most important for ensuring all your cars fit the frame neatly.

diy matchbox cars photo frame003

Using a hot glue gun, dispense glue along the bottom of one of the Matchbox cars.

diy matchbox cars photo frame004

And secure it to the frame.

diy matchbox cars photo frame005

Repeat the process on each car until the frame is filled.

diy matchbox cars photo frame006

Allow everything to dry before putting the frame back together and adding your photo.

Display wherever you want! For mine, it’s in Collin’s bedroom right when he walks in.

diy matchbox cars photo frame idea001

diy matchbox cars photo frame idea002

diy matchbox cars photo frame idea004

diy matchbox cars photo frame idea005

diy matchbox cars photo frame idea006

As a blended family, Collin often splits his time between our home and his dad’s home in Las Vegas. Collin and his dad often attend racing events together and one of their favorite activities to do together is race go karts. When Collin is here, he misses his dad, as would any child in a blended family who has to share time between parents. To help my children cope, I’ve always displayed a photo of their other parent in their bedroom for them and this frame is the perfect one to display of Collin and his dad on one of their racing adventures.

For more fun crafty ideas, be sure to Matchbox cars where I share tutorials, hacks, and more.


  • Nicole Mantooth

    July 6, 2016 at 9:28 AM

    OMG I LOVE this idea. My boys loved cards too when they were a bit younger and now it is all things dirtbike. Which you gave a an idea for a frame with sprockets on a frame for their room. 🙂 I am thinking this would make a really cute gift for someone who loves cars as well. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  • DIY Matchbox Car Photo Frame

    July 6, 2016 at 9:31 AM

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