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October 4, 2019Holly Sosa
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I love to be creative. Unfortunately, creativity isn’t always cost effective; so I’ve had to get creative with how I get creative, ha! I’ve discovered that my local Dollar Tree is the best kept secret for the most affordable craft supplies. They carry a wide variety of items and switch out their supplies for just about every season, making it the perfect craft supply store for crafters on a budget. This year, I was inspired to make this Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath after brainstorming a less expensive way (yarn can get pricey!) to create one of my classic yarn wreaths

I started with a foam wreath base. This was the most expensive part of the project at just over nine dollars.

I picked up everything else from my local Dollar Tree. I found some fun pumpkin garlands and immediately knew they’d be the perfect yarn replacement for my wreath. They also had versions in skulls, witches, and bats. I found a large black and orange Halloween bow and a black glitter owl. These two simple additions were all I needed to put together this adorable Halloween wreath.

I started by dabbing a small amount of hot glue onto my wreath where I wanted to begin wrapping it around the wreath. I carefully placed the end of a piece of garland on the glue and let it set.

Then I wrapped the garland all the way around the wreath and I secured the end with more hot glue.

Then I grabbed another piece of garland and started where the other piece ended. I did this five more times to wrap the wreath. I used five entire garlands to completely cover the wreath.

Next I secured my bow with more hot glue right on top of the garland.

And then I secured the front of the owl’s feet to the wreath using hot glue since the switch to turn it’s lights on was on the bottom. I still needed to access the switch from underneath, so this was the best solution to both secure the owl and allow me to turn it on in the evening.

In total, the wreath cost me $16 and some change, which is a far cry from the $40-60 one would have set me back at the craft store. Even making this using craft store supplies would have cost far more than $16. More than half of the cost was for the foam wreath, but I can reuse it if I’d like to in the future.

I love this wreath. This was one of those projects where I wasn’t sure what I’d end up with, but it resulted in pure Halloween magic. I’m practically frothing at the mouth to create wreaths for Thanksgiving and Christmas using Dollar Tree supplies. Someone stop me, I’m a wild woman. Almost as wild as rainbow sponge lady. I-want-you-to-look-at-all-of-those-wiggles! Okay, calm down, Dee. Look at that!

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