August 5, 2019Holly Sosa

As a Christian, I look to scripture for answers. With God as my authority, it’s natural that scripture would be where I’d look to learn more about Him. The Bible tells us repeatedly to bind or write scripture on our hearts (Deuteronomy 11:18, Proverbs 3:3, Proverbs 6:21, Proverbs 7:3). From these verses, I know that God’s Word must dwell inside me and be the guiding force in my life. I should know it, understand it, revere it, respect it, and practice it in my life. I need God’s word to be written so deeply inside my heart and mind that it permeates my whole being. I need His word to be bound to me so tightly that it influences my thoughts, actions, and words.

How I can practically apply this into my life? How can I write them on the tablet of my heart like Proverbs 3:3 urges? What does that even look like? For me, a type A, enneagram 1, OCD, ultra organized personality, I learn best with memorization. Memorization, then reflection, then a deeper study. Memorization on its own does nothing to write it on my heart other than to allow me to spout off a Bible verse at any given time. But when I combine memorization with reflection and study I’m able to truly begin to live and practice His word in my life. 

One way I’ve started memorizing is by using printable verse cards that I make on my computer. I’ve started in Genesis and printed the first ten verses. Currently, they’re in my purse. But I’ve also used printable Bible verse cards by taping them on my fridge, in the snack cupboard, keeping them next to my spot in the living room, in the glove compartment in my car, and even on my bathroom mirror. By placing them in places where I spend a lot of time, I can easily read and repeat the verses as I learn them. 

I created an easy to download PDF file that contains eight cards with the first ten verses of Genesis 1 separated into easy to memorize chunks. You can download it here or just click the image below.

I thought I’d share my printable Genesis Bible verse cards with you and maybe we can learn and memorize together! If you like these cards, let me know in the comments below and I’ll make another round of them. 

I’ll be sharing my go at memorizing Genesis 1:1-10 using these cards over on my Instagram, @hollymariesosa. Be sure to follow me there and share your progress with me. 

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