Bloody Shirley Temples

October 9, 2014Holly Sosa

Today, I’m bringing you a bloody, gory, terrifying refreshment that is certain to spook your guests at any Halloween party or even your kids during a spooky family movie night. These Bloody Shirley Temples offer a frightening twist by keeping the grenadine inside a ,”blood-filled,” syringe. Guest can squirt their blood into their non-alcoholic cocktail just before slurping down their Halloween treat.


  • lemon lime soda pop, chilled
  • grenadine
  • clear plastic cups or glasses
  • empty syringes
  • Fill a large glass or a small bowl with the grenadine. Fill each syringe with grenadine until it’s almost full. Set aside. Fill all of your cups with lemon lime soda pop & add one syringe to each cocktail. Serve on a tray or spooky display for your guests to enjoy!

This is a very simple & easy recipe with big impact. It is such a fun way to add a little horror to any Halloween festivity. My family enjoyed them while we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas together for our weekly family movie night.

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