How to Create a Yearly Family Photo Album in 30 Minutes

February 25, 2019Holly Sosa

As a mother, I serve several roles in my family, but one of my most cherished roles is memory keeper. There isn’t a milestone that goes by without me quietly (okay, not always quietly – smile, look over here, stop touching that!) documenting it with my camera phone. That little handheld device contains all of our family’s memories, moments, and milestones. From first days of school to quiet moments with nature to birthdays, my phone houses them all. Which is a problem, don’t you think? Not only does my phone house them all, but that’s where the images stay. Tucked away in a cloud somewhere in Internetland. As the trusted memory keeper in my family, I can do better.

In 2019, I’ve vowed to start transferring our family’s photos out of my phone and into a tangible album. One that we can look through and enjoy together time and time again. It’s important to me that we can easily access our memories whenever we want and that I preserve our family photos for my children to enjoy. It seemed an overwhelming thought, to get an entire year’s worth of photos together into an album, but with help from Pinhole Press, I did it in under thirty minutes. 

Last year, when I was researching what company to trust with our family’s photos, I discovered Pinhole Press. As a self-proclaimed lover of all things paper, I was impressed by their heirloom quality photo books and their price point. They offer a variety of album options in several price points for any budget and the quality is second to none. They also offer layout options to make creating an album easy. 

Here are the steps I took to keep the process simple while utilizing the options from Pinhole Press.

I gathered all of my photos from my phone.

I didn’t worry about my husband’s phone, relatives, or friends. I pulled the photos from my phone and Air Dropped them to my laptop. Since I didn’t keep up on saving photos for an album every month, I knew I’d need to simplify the process and stop worrying about photos other people may or may not have had and work instead with what I already knew I had.

I uploaded my photos to Pinhole Press.

With a few simple clicks, I chose my album (I went with a square hardcover), and uploaded my photos.

I chose the sort by date taken option.

Rather than spend hours sorting the photos, Pinhole Press made it easy for me to sort them all chronologically.

I chose one layout to use throughout the album.

Rather than spend hours agonizing of the perfect layout to choose, I kept my eye on the goal: get my photos out of my phone and into an album. I chose a simple square grid layout that Pinhole Press already offered in their preset layout choices. The key to this is keeping things simple. Would I have loved to create the most perfect layout for every single set of images? Yes, but realistically, I did not have time to do that for an entire year’s worth of photos. Pinhole Press allowed me to create a stunning album without spending an unrealistic amount of time. 

I added my photos.

From here, I just added my photos to each available space. There is also an option for Pinhole Press to create the album for you, but I wanted to ensure they were in chronological order. It didn’t take me a bunch of time to do this step at all. 

I ordered my album.

After checking the cover options and placing a title on the album, I simply added it to my cart and ordered. Then I did a happy dance and felt very satisfied with myself. Memory keeper level up. I received my album in five days. Five. Days. I’ve never had an album ship that quickly from anywhere, much less a custom hardcover album. 

After our album arrived, my husband and I sat quietly together turning the pages, smiling, and remembering. When the kids came home from school, they did the same. My sweet daughter has flipped through the album nearly every night, remembering our adventures. While giving myself a mental high five, I committed myself to a goal of creating a family album once a month for the year of 2019. 

Pinhole Press has graciously partnered together with me to share how simple creating family photo albums is. Over the next year, I’ll be sharing how I create my monthly albums, ideas, inspiration, tips, and tricks to getting those family memories off of my phone and into albums that tell my family’s stories. These posts will not be sponsored or paid for, but share my organic experience and thoughts on their products. 

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