35 Lists for Your Planner

March 6, 2019Holly Sosa

As a complete and total planner junkie, I’m an advocate for list making. Lists are such an easy and simple way to stay organized. Simply typing something in my phone somehow submits it to the trash bin in my brain, but actually physically writing things down somehow helps me commit things to memory better. I’m sure there is some science behind it, but I’m content to simply make my lists without knowing why I need them, ha! I use lists like these throughout the year and whenever I get a new planner to help me stay on task, achieve goals, and stay productive. Since lists are so helpful for me, I decided to share several lists for your planner in hopes of inspiring you to start your own lists.

  1. Books to read
  2. Monthly bucket lists
  3. Movies to watch
  4. Monthly goals
  5. Weekly routines
  6. Daily routines
  7. Habit tracker
  8. Spending log
  9. Password log
  10. Yearly goals
  11. Gift idea lists (spouse, kids, parents)
  12. Daily reading log/page tracking
  13. Exercise routines
  14. Fertility tracker
  15. Expense tracker
  16. Bills tracker
  17. Budget tracker
  18. Weight loss log
  19. Birthday calendar
  20. Garden planner
  21. Playlist ideas
  22. Favorite dinners
  23. Menu planning
  24. Home maintenance checklist
  25. Cleaning checklist
  26. Baby milestone tracker
  27. Period tracker
  28. List of affirmations
  29. Bible verses to study
  30. Medication tracker
  31. Daily gratitude list
  32. A wishlist
  33. Business ideas
  34. Children’s current clothing & shoe sizes
  35. Prayer list

These lists for your planner are helpful ways to keep organized alongside your weekly and daily plans. They allow you to keep everything in one notebook to help you better track your progress and productivity as it fits seamlessly into your daily life. For more fun planner nerdery, be sure to visit the planners section of this blog.

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