Paw Patrol Bonewiches

September 10, 2019Holly Sosa
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spin Master PAW Productions Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.​ #SnackPatrol #CollectiveBias #ad

After school, my kids come through the front door, put all their stuff away (after being told to several times between distractions), and them promptly ask for a snack. As a mom, I’m all too familiar with this routine and have learned over the years to be prepared with snack options that won’t fill them up before dinner or give them an intense sugar rush. I like to keep wholesome snacks on hand like granola bars, fruits, and PAW Patrol™ Mozzarella String Cheese.

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My six year old daughter, Evelyn, loves her PAW Patrol characters (Skye and Everest are her favorites) and she most certainly loves her snacks, ha! So when I can, I like to make snack time a little extra fun with these PAW Patrol Bonewiches. They’re as easy to make as PBJ. Because, well…that’s what they are. PBJ, ha!

I start with regular sandwich bread and slather on some peanut butter and jelly.

Then I use a bone shaped cookie cutter and cut out the middle of the sandwich (she doesn’t eat the crust anyway). 

What’s left is a perfect little bone shaped PBJ that, when paired with a PAW Patrol String Cheese, is the best snack to watch Skye and Everest adventures with!

I love giving her a wholesome snack like PAW Patrol Mozzarella String Cheese because they contain 6 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar. The cheese is made with milk, which is a good source of calcium for her growing body. They’re also easy to find at my local Meijer store. When a snack offers all of that plus the convenience of individual servings that are wrapped up and ready to serve with her favorite characters, it’s a no brainer for this mama.

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