April 5, 2014Holly Sosa
Every year after the Peeps start making their appearance on grocery store shelves, my kids know what’s coming. Peeps s’mores are a family favorite. S’mores are a favorite around here. I’ve made just about everything I can into a s’mores version. Because it’s the ultimate dessert! While nothing beats a scorched bonfire s’more, Peeps microwaved s’mores satisfy the decadent craving on a perfect Spring evening.

I’ll spare you any sort of, “recipe,” instructions because cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, cracker. It’s pretty self explanatory. I recommend only nuking your Peeps for 15-20 seconds because these babies grow. And I mean grow. But they instantly shrink back down after you open the microwave door. I would suggest the bunny Peeps as opposed to the chicks, because the bunnies lay down a bit better.

The end result is an ooey gooey mess of deliciousness.



Fifteen month olds can’t eat s’mores, but they can eat Peeps. And oh, my did we eat Peeps. All the stickies. Everywhere.




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