Rudolph Cake Pops, a Fun Christmas Movie Night Treat!

December 7, 2015Holly Sosa

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rudolph cake pops11

During the holidays, I like to get extra creative with my baked treats. Since most of what I create is gifted to coworkers, teachers, and neighbors, I like to bedazzle things up a bit. These Rudolph Cake Pops are surprisingly easy to make, but make a big impact on whomever receives them. They’re also the most perfect treat for a Christmas movie night, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, anyone?

To start, you’ll bake a box of chocolate cake mix according to the instructions. Allow it to cook completely and then crumble it into pieces until you get fine crumbs. I do this the fast way using my food processor. Makes things a cinch!

rudolph cake pops1

rudolph cake pops2

Mix some chocolate frosting into the crumbs until it makes a sort of formable dough. A little goes a long way here.

rudolph cake pops3

Form the dough into two inch cake balls and repeat until all the mixture is used. Set aside.

rudolph cake pops4

Next you’ll melt some chocolate in a bowl. Once your chocolate is completely melted, take a lollipop stick and dunk it in the chocolate. Secure one of the cake balls to the lollipop stick and repeat until all your cake balls are secured to a lollipop.

rudolph cake pops6

Transfer to a freezer for about 20 minutes to set the chocolate. You may need to melt your chocolate again before proceeding with the next few steps.

One at a time, dip the cake pops into chocolate, ensuring you completely cover each cake ball. Allow the excess chocolate to drip off, tapping the edge of the bowl if necessary.

rudolph cake pops9

Transfer cake pops to a styrofoam block (or a piece of cardboard with holes like I did). While chocolate is still wet, add FLIPZ® Chocolate Covered Pretzels for the antlers. Try not to eat them all in the process!

rudolph cake pops5

rudolph cake pops7

Next add a red candy nose.

rudolph cake pops8

Repeat the process until you’ve completed all your cake pops.

rudolph cake pops10

rudolph cake pops12

rudolph cake pops14

My three kiddos loved snuggling under a warm blanket with their Rudolph Cake Pops made with FLIPZ® and my husband and I enjoyed eating the leftovers. The perfect salty sweet combo is our favorite ever.

rudolph cake pops15

rudolph cake pops16

rudolph cake pops17

rudolph cake pops18

Be sure to check out the limited edition snowflake pretzels for your own family movie night. If Rudolph Cake Pops aren’t your thing, these tasty treats will be! Find more FLIPZ® fun on their Facebook page.

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