Shrek Approved Parfaits

May 18, 2014Holly Sosa

This post is sponsored by Netflix. I was chosen as a Stream Team member & will be bringing you monthly posts with fun tips & tricks for optimum viewing & maximizing quality family time. Netflix believes in making it ridiculously easy for everyone to enjoy the TV shows & movies they love.

This month, with end of school plays right around the corner, Netflix is sharing their favorite musicals to help get your kids singing along to family favorite show tunes & to help inspire their upcoming performances. If no one is performing, maybe you can create a family play of your own (create this no-sew stage curtain!) inspired by Shrek the Musical, Grease, or my personal favorite, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

We like to host themed fun family movie nights with the kids to help add some fun flair to a normal movie night in. Using Netflix’s musical theme as a creative guide & one of my kid’s favorite characters, I thought it would be fun to whip up some fun Shrek-inspired parfaits. Do you remember that scene where Shrek is trying to explain how ogre’s have layers like onions, but donkey could only think of parfaits? Ha! Using the beloved duo’s silly little back & forth, I created a parfait that I think would make them both happy.


vanilla pudding mix
chocolate pudding mix
green food coloring
chocolate sandwich cookies
gummy worms

Prepare the chocolate pudding mix as directed per the instructions on the box. When you prepare the vanilla pudding, add in green food coloring & then finish it up as per the directions. While the puddings are setting in the fridge, place roughly 6-7 cookies in a plastic bag & smash ’em up! The kids love helping with this part! Mash them until they are grainy & look similar to soil. Set aside. Once the puddings are ready, grab cups to start creating your layers in. Layer chocolate, vanilla, & cookie crumbles in several layers until your cup is nearly full. For your top layer, place a generous mound of the cookie crumbles & add in a few slimy gummy worms because this is a parfait that Shrek has to love, after all!




Here are 14 more musical titles that are available on Netflix:

For your kiddos,


And for your little ones,

What’s your favorite musical?  I would love to hear about your family movie night with Netflix in the comments below! 


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