August 16, 2019Holly Sosa
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During the summer months, keeping our summer snack cupboard stocked feels like a losing battle. My kids are perpetually hungry and I just cannot keep up. As someone who prides herself on being organized, I decided that this summer the snack cabinet was going to be my latest and greatest project. As it turned out, the snack cabinet just needed a few tweaks and so far…summer snacking has never been easier.

Quality snacks

I knew I’d need to provide quality snacks that would keep my kids fuller for longer. Some of their favorites are Lorissa’s Kitchen® snacks. They love the Original Beef Strips and the Korean Barbeque Beef Strips. My littlest can’t pronounce beef jerky correctly, so we call it our perf turkey snack. Lorissa is actually a working mom who started her company from her kitchen. And just like me, her busy family life needed real wholesome snack solutions that her kids would love. Lorissa’s Kitchen makes crazy delicious, premium prep-free meat protein snacks using only responsibly raised proteins, like 100% grass-fed beef, and 100% All Natural meats. Other snack ideas that keep them fuller for longer: peanuts, almonds, protein bars, trail mix, and peanut butter.

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Snack limits

I created a summer schedule that we use and I laid out two daily snack times. One snack between breakfast and lunch; and one snack between lunch and dinner. This is our be all end all for the perpetual snack question. If anyone dares to utter, “Can I have a snack?” My reply forever and ever amen shall be, “Check the schedule. What are you supposed to be doing right now?” This has helped keep our snack cabinet stocked and the kids from mindlessly snacking all the live long day.

Snack prep

By pre-measuring out bags of crackers or chips or purchasing individually sized snacks, the kids have easy access to a snack when it’s time. It helps save me time throughout the day and gives them a little more independence to choose and serve themselves their snack. My grocery shopping day is every other Friday, so when I get home and unpack the food, I divide bags of chips into single servings, crackers into single servings, and more. If I purchased individual servings, I un-package everything and place them in bins with the label out so they can easily be identified.


A quick Friday organization helps keep the cabinet organized and snack easy to find. I try to display snacks label out so the kids can easily identify what’s available to them. I toss out any empty bags or stale snacks, and arrange it all so that it’s easy to grab. I found my containers at a local dollar store and they fit perfectly into my cabinets, keeping things organized and tidy. With just a few simple changes, the dreaded summer snack dilemma is all but solved. I mean, I won’t lie…I still get asked regularly for a snack, but this has helped a ton with keeping them mindful and the cabinet stocked.

For more quality snacking and inspiration for your own summer snack cupboard, visit the Lorissa’s Kitchen website and follow them on Facebook for updates on flavors, coupons, and more.

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