The Spring Snack You’ll Eat Every Single Day

May 10, 2019Holly Sosa

My Grandma Bonsole used to make my sister and I huge batches of these delicious Ham Rolls when we would spend warmer months at her home here in Northern Michigan. They were some of our favorite snacks to munch on and as and adult, I still love these savory and creamy rolls. I love to make them in big batches, just like grandma used to, and keep them in the fridge for easy access whenever someone gets the spring snack munchies. These Ham Rolls are so easy to make, too!

Just three ingredients is all I need: ham, cream cheese, and green onions.

I start with a thicker cut deli ham and I pat it dry using a paper towel.

I spread a nice layer of softened cream cheese over the entire piece of ham.

Then I add in a whole green onion. 

I roll up the ham with the onion and trim off the excess onion.

Then I cut the roll into bite sized pieces.

I transfer the pieces to a dish (one for me, the rest for the dish, ha!) and repeat until I’m done with the entire package of ham. 

These delicious little morsels make a great lunchtime solution or quick spring snack idea. I like to make these in batches using two or three packs of ham for myself and my kiddos to snack on throughout the week. They go fast!

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