The Perfect White Wine Spritzer + Sparty Inspo

July 24, 2015Holly Sosa

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When I first moved to Lucerne Valley, I felt isolated and wondered if I’d ever feel like I belonged here. I knew no one and in our small desert town, there isn’t much for kids. When the boys started school, I slowly started making friends with some of the moms. I discovered that one of them had a husband who worked at the same plant Jacob does. And in another I found a deep bond in our mutual faith. And in yet another I found a spunky girl who reminded me to embrace the non-mom part of myself. Each of these women have quickly become my little tribe of love and support. We’ve formed a bond already and it seems as if we’ve all known each other for most of our lives; not just a year. I’m no longer feeling alone here and it’s hugely in thanks to these three women.

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With back to school on the horizon, I’ve decided that my tribe and I (who we’ve lovingly dubbed The Lucies) should set aside one day a month to leave our kids with our man folk and have a date with each other. One thing I learned in spending time with these gals is that time away (even just a couple of hours) to connect with other moms can left me feeling refreshed and filled up my mom tank. I’ve realized that many of my struggles and triumphs are experienced by them as well. And that we are all really just trying our best and need a fellow female to lean on. Having a monthly Lucies date to look forward to is exciting and even therapeutic.

In brainstorming what future Lucies dates would look like, I envisioned a spa party, or sparty, that includes a killer white wine spritzer, a DIY sugar scrub bar, and of course, a nail polish station. What can I say? One thing us Lucies have in common is our love for everything girly, glittery, and fabulous! My white wine spritzer recipe is perfection and a necessary part of any successful sparty.

A perfect white wine spritzer starts with an almost ice cold bottle of white wine. You’ll fill a wine glass about halfway. Hopefully it frosts the glass because that’s how cold you’ll want it to be.

Next, grab an equally ice cold can of Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water. I love using the zero sodium, zero calories, naturally flavored versions that include Mandarin Orange and Lemon Lime. Plus I can find all of the awesome flavors at my local Walmart while I’m doing my regular weekly grocery trip.  For this version, I’m using Mandarin Orange to bring out the sweetness in the white wine. Add the seltzer water until the glass is just about 3/4 full.

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Top with an orange slice that you can squeeze into the spritzer or just allow to float around in the top of your wine. Once it soaks up all that wine, it makes a great after glass treat!

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A white wine spritzer is a light cocktail that is a perfect match for a spa party or girly brunch. And with Canada Dry, you can use a variety of flavors to pump up your spritzer flavors.

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As for the DIY sugar scrub bar, I’m feeling all of the inspiration from these recipes: Homemade Grapefruit Sugar Scrub, Shaved Coconut Sugar Scrub, and Coconut Tangerine Sugar Scrub. As for polish, I’m a theme junkie and would stick with bright citrus colors like these: In My Back Pocket, Need Sunglasses, and Green-wich Village.

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Next month, my special gals and I are having a lunch date at an Italian restaurant, but I’m hoping to host a sparty with all of these fun additions in September. I’m turning 30 and know my Lucies will love getting girly and pampered with me to celebrate. Plus white white spritzers?! Yes, please!

Do you have your own tribe of Lucies? How do you connect with them on a regular basis? Let’s chat girlfriends in the comments below.

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