Zombie Eyeball Pretzel Snacks, a Walking Dead Binge-Watching Treat!

September 24, 2015Holly Sosa

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zombie eyeball pretzel snacks17

Jacob and I have spent the last year getting kids to and from school, karate, vacations, and just about everything else you can think of. At the end of the day, we just want sleep and often miss out on our favorite shows. One of our ultimate favorites to watch after kids are fast asleep is The Walking Dead. Since we don’t get to keep up each week, we often binge watch episodes at a time. I even remember one time going to sleep after an especially long session of binge-watching and Evelyn woke up in the middle of the night crying. In my sleepy stupor, I rushed to quiet her down before the zombies could hear her. Ha!

In honor of October and The Walking Dead, I created some fun Zombie Eyeball Pretzel snacks that embrace the living dead. With Halloween around the corner, even if you’re not a Walking Dead fan, you’ll appreciate these spooky treats that are less about gore and more about fun for the family.

To start, you’ll line up butter snap pretzels on a baking sheet.

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks1

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks2

Place a green candy melt over each pretzel.

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks3

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks4

Bake them in a 250F degree oven for just a few minutes to get them soft. Next you’ll quickly press a candy coated chocolate into each white candy melt.

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks5

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks6

And for the official zombie effect, sprinkle some red food coloring over the finished eyeballs. To do this, I simply coated a paintbrush with red food coloring and splattered it over the pretzels.

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks7

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks8

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks10

For pupils, you can use some black icing or dark food coloring, which is what I did. I simply dotted on pupils with a toothpick.

Allow the eyeballs to cool and harden for an hour before enjoying.

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks12

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks11

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks13

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks15

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks16

zombie eyeball pretzel snacks14

These creepy little treats are such a fun addition to a Walking Dead viewing party or Halloween Bash. Since they’re so easy to make, you can also whip up a small batch for a night of binge-watching with your partner, like we do!

With such busy lives, Netflix has our back when it comes to our favorite shows. We can stream the missed episodes of our favorite horror series when we get a free weekend to get Walking-Dead-wild and spend hours on the couch together rooting for Rick and holding our breath every time baby Ass-Kicker is at risk. My little mama heart just clenches every time she’s involved!

What shows do you catch up on with a binge-watching session? Share how Netflix helps you keep up with your favorite series in the comments below.


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